Two people, who were born in the same village, meet again after 15 years. One of them, a lawyer, who moved to the capital, proposes a deal that his friend dismisses without giving him a clear explanation. The young lawyer, finds out from the village elders that everyone is marked by an accident which occurred many years ago, which supposedly involved both his friend and he and a young woman from the village. When talking with his friend, he discovers that his friend, who remained in the village, took the blame for his accident, even if the lawyer was the guilty one. Under these circumstances, any business is out of the question and their friendship is in danger, especially when distrust is his soul. Now he learns more about his father, about their childhood, about his friend involved in the accident and what a good friend is capable, when needed.

Year 2015
Director Bianca Rus
Writers Bianca Rus
Starring Sebastian Balan, Sorin Dobrin